Thursday, 4 March 2010

San Fransisco dreaming...

I've just come back from San Fransisico, a place that is absolutely amazing ! For me it has a spookey feeling to it. I guess the beautiful buildings and scenery remind me of some spookey films "Interview with a vampire", "The birds" or "Beetlejuice" and as I went in February the weather was similar to a hazy summers day in London, obviously the air was alot fresher. San Fransisco was so relaxed it just reminded me of being a kid without responibilities. We ate lots of pizza where a slice was as big as a whole pizza at home, tacos and in and out burger. We watched the fat sea lions laze in the sun. Met some of the nicest people, and some of the oddest. Went to cool art shows saw mike Giant and David Choe's work. Hung out with my good friend Holly and her cool friends, collected sand dollars and cherry blossoms and ofcourse saw loads of tiny dogs. I had an amazing time !

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I have never been! It always reminds me of Full House! I am so excited the plans are coming along and it is so close! NEXT MONTH already!! July sounds like a lovely month for a wedding too! Yay! :)